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X-Wing Detail Kit

Model Forces is proud to announce the X-Wing Detail Kit for 1/72 and 1/48 X-Wing Model Kits. At the moment, the parts are in production and will be available at our online shop in short time. Prices and more information will be announced shortly.  

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Painting masks for 1:72 and 1:48 X-Wing markings (correct shape)

Here’s something interesting: Complementary to our decals. Painting masks – corrected in shape – for the 1:72 and 1:48 X-Wing models. Besides the scale you can chose between the options of Red 3 or Red 1,2,4,5,6,12 and Blue one. I found the differences between these too insignificant to draw different ones for each of these. […]

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1:48 X-Wing hero conversion parts for Fine Molds model kit

Our first conversion set. All parts are exact replicas of the original kit parts that were used by ILM on the Studio Scale “hero” X-Wing fighters for “A new Hope”. A set contains: – new droidstrip – new backplate (available Options: Red 5/ Red 3/ Standard) – 4 engine nozzles (available Options: Red 1&4/ Red […]

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